Jo Richardson The Island Cook


Island thinking is about focusing on the essentials and valuing the good, simple things of life, not least home cooking. It's also about self-sufficiency and economy. And what better philosophy to meet the challenges of modern living. Yet how do we keep hold of the good life, and the good eating that goes with it, when now more than ever we need to watch the clock, watch the pennies and watch our weight? I am all too familiar with the time issue, since my job as a cookery editor leaves me with only the day's leftovers with which to cook. Add to that advancing age, long working hours to pay the bills and stressful deadlines - all hardly conducive to a healthy lifestyle. And I know I'm far from alone here. So how to secure that taste of the good life? I've found that you can still cook from scratch with little time if you cut the faff. And you can actually help cut the faff by also cutting 'bad' fats and sugars. Plus you can cut the cost, often thereby optimizing nutritional value, quality and sustainability, by exploiting seasonal bargains, along with sourcing dependable staples and reviving storecupboard remnants. So please go ahead and sample the fruits of my island philosophy produced from my humble kitchen, whose modest dimensions reflect those of my beloved adopted home, the Isle of Wight.